ABOUT CelloVia

There is much speculation and myth as to the origin of Limoncello. Some say it was a delightful treat prepared in the monastaries along the Amalfi Coast to pass the time in between prayer. Others say the fishermen of the Mediterranean concocted it to ward off colds.The most popular theory is that Limoncello originated on the isle of Capri in the late 19th century. An innkeeper treated her patrons to her homemade liqueur as a complimentary, after-dinner"digestivo. Throughout the hills of the island of Capri and all along the Amalfi Coast, citizens and travelers alike have enjoyed the refreshing bouquet of lemony goodness as they raise a chilled glass to celebrate a style of life rich in flavor and rich in tradition.



Company & Philosophy

Masterfully blending and balancing natural ingredients, is the philosophy of CelloVia. The secret to the intricate levels of flavor is in the small batch processing. We produce micro batches that are blended together to reveal and embrace the varietal characteristics of the fruit. CelloVia is produced in an old world fashion with a new age vision.

Cello Via, Inc. proudly opened its doors as a federally licensed Distilled Spirits Plant in August, 2011. The first bottle of CelloVia proudly rolled out the door on March 13, 2012. CelloVia is locally produced and family owned in the Chicago area, the epicenter of culinary diversity and culture.


The Family

Chris Chickerneo, the life force behind CelloVia, is an innovative mixologist with over 10 years’ experience and a total of over 14 years’ experience in the food and hospitality industry. After a family trip to the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, he brought back the fond memory of sharing a bottle of Limoncello with a restaurant owner on the Isle of Capri. He instantly fell in love with this style of handcrafted liqueur and the inspiration to produce CelloVia was born. Since then, he has created over 30 varietals privately, for bars and restaurants developing support and approval from all who have enjoyed.

Melissa Chickerneo, is the life force behind the life force....Chris’ beautiful and loving wife. Melissa is a classically trained Chef with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. Her extraordinary palate, her creative inspirations and culinary skill provide expert consultation for every facet of the company.


Carey Chickerneo serves in the capacity of mentor, Carey brings over twenty-five years of experience as a transactional attorney and business entrepreneur, and more than 30 years’ experience as Chris’ dad. His expertise combined with his love of Cello and family, have made this endeavor a delightful pursuit of happiness.